Monday, September 26, 2005

Manic Monday

Whose idea was this crazy late Sunday night to early Monday a.m. shift? It's insane to ask of anyone's body clock. I am now useless on Mondays. I drive home from work (not the safest driver after doing the 80 mile round trip twice in under 24 hours) and crash.
I have a list of things To Do on my desk but I have not done any of them. All I can manage is sit slothfully on the couch most of the day. Sure I'm blogging now but it's because I needed to get this off my chest. I am also apparently rather amusing when overtired, or so I've been told.
I'm all for paying dues, but some things are insane. I had no idea of the reality of how this would wreak havoc on my body clock and in turn my life (ex: undone To Do list). It doesn't help that I do live so far away. I like my house here, it is my home, but I need to be way closer to work.

SAFRAN: Time for Mean Old Boss Man to show his ugly head. And you're dealing with the hardest part of getting started in news - shift work. Overnights and early calls are hideous, awful and take a toll. I had to leave an overnight gig several years ago because it actually put me in a depression. You're amusing when you're overtired - and amusing when you're awake. And you're right - being closer to work will help things and will also mean a safer drive. I once glanced a phone poll while leaving the station's parking lot after an overnight.

This was sort of prompted by my near miss with a fire hydrant off Highland Ave.


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